Hi! My name is Jean-e (yes, with that spelling). I am the gal behind Loving Adeline.

I live in Seattle with my loving husband, crazy neurotic dog, my IVF baby, and less rain than you might think. 

I wear many hats including but not limited to: wife, teacher, wannabe home decorator, sun junkie, coffee lover and book nerd.

But most importantly, I’M A MOMMA TOO.

I have two children. One in heaven and now one earth side.

My daughter, Adeline, was born sleeping on February 20th, 2016 late in my second trimester. Life has shifted from this, it’s different. Different and hard and surprising and so many other things.

My son, Beckett, arrived October 31, 2019 after trudging through the trenches of infertility since the loss of my daughter. Relaxing didn’t work, vacation didn’t cure us, no amount of legs up the wall could have made this happen. Only after countless medicated cycles, 6 failed IUI’s, miscarriages, IVF and a frozen embryo transfer, could this little boy join us. It’s been a ride!

Infertility = cruel. Infertility after stillbirth = the cruelest.

I have spent the last few years learning to see life through a new pair of glasses, while navigating grief, infertility, pregnancy, parenthood and just life in general after an earth shaking loss. There has been a lot of fear and a lot of hope viciously tangled up with each other, tears of all kinds, connections I wouldn’t have otherwise made and so much more.

I couldn’t keep my journey inside anymore.
I wanted to walk this walk with other women. Women whose story includes pregnancy loss and/or infertility, women who are begging to become mothers. Women who have chosen to walk away from treatment, take a different route, are mothers to be, or mothers now. Women who have been through the shit and like me, do better, feel better, see better when they build connections.

I see you. You are a WARRIOR.

And together, WE ARE BRAVE.