Baby B’s Birth Story // Part 2

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Tuesday, October 29, 2019 // 37 weeks + 5 days pregnant: Plot twist!  What I thought was just a visit to triage to err on the side of caution, quickly escalated to “change into this gown, it’s time to have this baby!” If you missed Part 1 of B’s birth story, you can read it […]

April 7, 2020

Baby B’s Birth Story // Part 1

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B’s birth story! Better late than never, right? It’s pretty wild how quickly one of the best days of your life becomes a blur due to adrenaline running sky high. So I have been spending some time looking back at pictures and texts and the few notes I tried to keep in my phone while […]

February 29, 2020

A Baby Shower for our Miracle Baby

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A baby shower is not something we thought we would do. I have avoided going to them for the past three years because they are so triggers. I have walked completely around stores to avoid baby things. I have hidden pregnant people and new parents on my Facebook account because it is too hard to […]

September 22, 2019